GIS Research Technician, PARSEC project, Southern Oregon University.

Team position: member, Synthesis Strand

Background: I graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and Policy and minors in both Biology and Sociology / Anthropology in 2019. I have always thought about our natural environment through the lens of the human impact / interaction with the natural world, knowing the two are deeply connected. I completed my research projects in university and continue to complete post university projects through the use of GIS as a tool for informing next steps, project goals, and in the field survey efforts.

Key disciplines and skillsets: Environmental science, GIS skills, team collaboration skills.

Expectations: Through participation in this project I would like a chance to use my GIS knowledge and accumulated skills to contribute to a larger goal and effort. Having the opportunity to work with an international team and be considered / valued as a professional and team member is a great outcome from this experience. Ideally this experience will open doors for me to connect with other national and international research efforts and projects and will teach me a whole host of new skills that I can use to build upon my abilities.

contact: alecbayarsky (at)