Senior research scientist, French National Institute of Research for Sustainable Development (IRD)

Team position: member, Synthesis Strand

Background: I am a geographic information scientist from training who has, for over a decade, focused most of my research activities on marine conservation and marine protected areas. After a 14-year academic career in Canada, I moved back in 2020 in my home country, France, to join a research organization focusing on sustainable development questions in the global south. My main expertise is GIS, spatial analyses and geovisualisation, which I apply to marine conservation (e.g. MPA, corals, whales) and fisheries.

Key disciplines and skillsets: Marine Protected Areas, Geographic Information Sciences, Geography.

Expectations: The project explores exciting questions related to the impact of marine protected areas on people well-being, something that closely matches my research interests. But beyond this, I am excited by the data science component of the project that will give me an opportunity to learn more about this aspect of research, in addition to looking forward to collaborate with international collaborators having a broad range of expertise.