HAYASHI Kazuhiro

Director, Research Unit for Data Application, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP), Japan.

Team position: Member, Data strand

Background: I am a catalytic researcher promoting Open Science since 1995. Based on my chemistry background and IT skills, I started to digitise journals of the Chemical Society of Japan in 1990’s, established as a e-journal with its business sustainability including Open Access in the 2000’s. After moving to NISTEP in 2012 with a vision fostered in the society, my challenge has been expanded to facilitate transformation of research outputs, research impacts, research activities themselves and research communities, focusing to date on research data and social impact.  I am now helping the Cabinet Office, UNESCO, OECD (policy-side) and also the Science Council of Japan, RDA, and Learned Societies (implementation-side) to develop Open Science policy and its implementation.

Key disciplines and skillsets: The promotion of Open Science using both top-down and bottom-up approaches; the facilitation of dialogues among various stakeholders about computational and design thinking; and bridging “established” and “new” in a soft-landing manner with my experience of journal publishing and its digital transformation including Open Access.

Expectations: It’s a great opportunity to participate in this global leading activity.  As we already learned that we need a certain time to move our community or society toward something new, I hope my experience and knowledge helps shorten its time-period or helps change more efficiently.

Contact: khayashi (at) nistep.go.jp