Japan Open Science Summit 2021

Several members of PARSEC contributed to sessions at the Japan Open Science Summit 2021 highlighting the PARSEC Data Strand activity from the Open Science viewpoint.

Shelley Stall spoke on Getting Credit for your FAIR Data: The Importance of Preserving and Citing Data in Your Publication as part of a Chorus Forum contribution to the Summit, moderated by Yasushi Ogasaka, Director of the Department of R&D for Future Creation, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Her presentation may be viewed here in both Japanese and English.

Yasuhiro Murayama (Introduction), Yasuhisa Kondo, Masahito Nos̩, Nobuko Miyairi, Kasuhiro Hayashi, Alison Specht and Shelley Stall spoke in a dedicated session Promoting Research Data Sharing and Management in Japan Рin the context of the Belmont Forum PARSEC project. This session was designed to illustrate our current activity and overview the related landscape.

Alison Specht spoke on The challenges in data sharing across disciplines and countries highlighted through the PARSEC project, with two aspects highlighted: (1) challenges to working together across large geographic boundaries, and emerging challenges related to (2) blending data of different scales. Her presentation may be viewed here

Shelley Stall spoke about how we are working on Transforming data management practices into the daily work of a research project: Concepts and Actions, and her presentation can be viewed here.


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