Executive Research Director, NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology), Japan.

Team position : Country lead and Data Strand lead

Background : I have been working on investigation and promotion of “open science” and research data sharing, after serving as a remote-sensing lab. Director for atmospheric research and observational data network system until 2010.  I am serving as a Japanese representative and co-chair of G7 Open Science WG, member of Science Council of Japan, and ex officio of ICSU-World Data System (WDS) Scientific Committee. In past my roles included a visiting professor at Kyoto University (2013-2014) and High Level Expert Group of European Open Science Cloud of European Commission (2015-2017).

Key disciplines and skillsets : Open Science policy, digital data management, STS (science technology and society).

Expectations : Developing the international and Japanese framework for open science, especially research data management and sharing (RDM/RDS) by enhancing researchers’ rewarding and incentives (with culture change and community engagement in research data handling) with data publication and/or sharing and so forth.

Contact : murayama (at)