PARSEC at International Data Week 2022

PARSEC participated actively in the RDA plenary 19 and SciDataCon 2022, held conjointly at the International Data Week held in Korea in June, 2022.

A session at SciDataCon2022
Where are the vocabularies that will make environmental datasets FAIR?
This focussed on how the environmental and earth science researcher might better be able to apply vocabularies that are controlled, standardised, and persistent to help maintain the integrity of their datasets. Our keynote speaker, Dr Gwenaëlle Moncoiffé introduced the challenges and potential solutions to making vocabularies more FAIR and also more accessible to researchers, followed by contributions from members of the wider community (Rowan Brownlee, Jeffery Horsburgh and Deb Sparkes), solicited specifically to help us explore the options available.

You can download the presentations here: Moncoiffé, et al. (2022).

We had three posters at the RDA19 meeting

Reproducing Deep Learning experiments: common challenges and recommendations for improvement
This poster can be downloaded here.
Citation: Jeaneth Machicao et al. (2022)

Checklist Strategies to Improve the Reproducibility of Deep Learning Experiments with an Illustration.
This poster can be downloaded here.
Citation: Ali Ben Abbes et al. (2022)

The third poster was created in partnership with several other organisations not directly affiliated with PARSEC including ERINHA, the EDUCOPIA Institute, Embrapa, the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, and the University of Capetown.

Multilingual Data Challenges in Professionalizing Data Stewardship worldwide (V1.0)
This poster can be downloaded here.
Citation: David, Romain, et al. (2022)