CORREA Pedro Pizzigati

Associate Professor – Department of Computer Engineering – Polytechnic School of University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil

Team position : Country and Data team lead, Brazil.

Background : I have been an Associate Professor at Escola Politécnica da USP (EPUSP) – Department of Computer and Digital Systems since 2003. I am the coordinator of a research group on Big Data of EPUSP ( I am responsible for undergrad disciplines of Information Systems, Modeling and Simulation of Computer Systems, Object-Oriented Programming and Projects of Digital Systems. Advisor and Professor in Graduate Programs (master and PhD) of Information Systems and Electrical Engineering at USP in the research areas of Big Data and Data Science.

Key Disciplines and Skillsets : Data Management of Protected Areas in Brazil, Scientific Data Management, and Involvement with Brazilian scientific communities in the Atmospheric and biodiversity areas.

Expectations : Improve/develop new methodologies related to synthesis of socioeconomic and environmental data; Participate in key initiatives related to developing cyberinfrastructure for science; Disseminate the knowledge of Data Science and Data synthesis of the project to the brazilian scientific community in the environmental area.

Contact : pedro.correa (at)