SCHULZ, Marieke

Research engineer

Team position: member, Synthesis Strand

Background: I have an International Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea), specialising in applied ecology and conservation, and a Master of Geomatics, specialised in remote sensing from the Agroparistech – Paul Valery University – Montpellier University consortium. My research interest lies in bridging ecology and geography to better understand biodiversity patterns and how to achieve their conservation, with particular interest in MPA. As part of my current mission for PARSEC, I am using a Deep-Learning model to estimate poverty indices in villages adjacent to and remote from protected areas, based on satellite images. 

Key disciplines and skillsets: Satellite image analysis using deep-learning, marine conservation, GIS skills.

Expectations: This project proposes a holistic approach, from the collection of data in the field to the production of solutions for local stakeholders and managers, with the exiting originality of using a big-data approach. I am expecting to learn a lot on transdisciplinary research, with the great input of new technological advances applied to the socio-ecological study of protected areas.

contact: marieke.schultz (@)