PARSEC: A FAIR Data Use Case

Shelley Stall was an important member of a training session at SRI 2021 that the Belmont Forum, one of the conference hosts (and the PARSEC sponsor) organised. A Training in Two Parts: An Introduction to Transdisciplinary Research and Accessible Data Management.

Part A: This session offered a short introduction to transdisciplinary research and FAIR data principles to help spur collaborative, inclusive science with open and accessible outputs

Part B: Good data stewardship was recognised that an important element of research, and the output from it, is the data we create and use. Good data stewardship includes the best practices necessary to manage, track, and share data for the purpose of transparency and reuse. Shelley discussed the aims of the Belmont Forum for data management and how we, in the PARSEC project, are learning from our researchers to bring that into daily practice.

You can watch the session including Shelley’s talk here (registration may be required, but the whole conference is open-access with hundreds of talks)

Stall, Shelley. (2021, June 14). PARSEC: A FAIR Data Use Case with 40 Researchers, 6 Countries, and one Data Management Plan. Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2021 (SRI2021), Brisbane, Australia. Zenodo.