Making conservation happen

The PARSEC team organised a special session at SRI 2021 entitled Biodiversity Conservation: too expensive for humans or can we find solutions?

This followed a webinar in August 2020 titled Tapping into the wisdom of ages for environmental conservation.

Instruments for the conservation of biodiversity are frequently seen as counter productive for human life and prosperity. This session provided lively discussion and knowledge-sharing using evidence-based science, the incorporation of indigenous values, and insights from practice to achieve good biodiversity conservation outcomes within global Sustainable Development Goals. Our five speakers (two from PARSEC) offered different perspectives and solutions around the socio-economic factors influencing practical community and government attitudes and actions, the value of indigenous involvement, and the opportunities arising from technological innovation and knowledge-sharing. All speakers have been directly involved with members of their community affected by conservation actions.

The recording of the session can be seen HERE (registration may be required, but it is open-access and hence free).

The slides can be accessed here

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