VELLENICH Danton Ferreira

IT consultant, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Team position: member, Data Strand

Background: I am an electrical engineer with years of experience on developing technological products and business. My career started co-founding startups in the mid 2000’s and passed through almost a decade of IT leadership on multinationals in executive positions. My main fields of experience are related to project and business management, technology product lifecycle and programming.

After some years of planning, last year my family and I took sabbatical leave, living in 18 countries for 14 months, experiencing different lifestyles. We returned at the beginning of 2020, knowing that climate change was a common subject in every corner that we visited. I am happy to re-join science work, after a long period hoping to collaborate.

Key disciplines and skillsets: Project Management and Best Practices, Software Engineering Lifecycle Management, Data science

Expectations: My expectations with the project are to join a science team on a subject that is close to my heart.  I started my masters with a related topic that I expect to be able to contribute to this initiative. With the work that we are conducting, I expect at the end to have a new tool that can be shared for sustainable initiatives, that can be used to identify good practices of sustainable human development that hopefully could be shared throughout similar communities.

Contact: danton.vellenich (at)