Critical research infrastructure: the importance of synthesis centers

image for Elephant article

Two PARSEC team members Alison Specht and Pedro Corrêa, joined forces with colleagues from NEON (Hank Loescher) and the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA, Lee Belbin) to write a blog piece for the ‘Elephant in the Lab’ in their series on Research Infrastructures.

We demonstrate the benefits of a collaborative relationship between e-research infrastructures such as the ALA and NEON, and synthesis centres such as CESAB and the John Wesley Powell Center. Synthesis centres can provide a user-interface for the e-research infrastructure and a testing ground for new developments and assessment of their value. The synthesis centre working groups, in turn, benefit from facilitated access to the aggregated and curated data in the e-research infrastructure.

Specht, A., Corrêa, P., Belbin, L. & Loescher, H. (2020). Critical research infrastructure: The importance of synthesis centers. Elephant in the Lab.