PARSEC WS #7, 3-7 July, 2023

The last workshop for the PARSEC project was held at CESAB, which has hosted the leadership for the synthesis activity in the PARSEC project. Many of our members were able to attend in person, and the meeting allowed those who could only come remotely to participate.

Much progress was made towards finalisation of the project, which shall be conducted remotely between the parties from now on, perhaps leveraging other meetings at which various members may attend. Several papers are in the pipeline from the use of deep learning to assess socio-economic variables from remote images, to those of the data scientists who have learnt much from and brought much to this project. It has been, and continues to be a co-learning project on many levels.

We last visited CESAB in 2019 for our first workshop. Since then, despite the challenges that were placed in our way by covid 19 restrictions, we have published several papers some of which are mentioned on this web site (e.g. Machicao et al. 2022 doi: 10.1029/2022EA002379), published associated codes, participated in many conferences, and published many data science guidance documents for researchers. The guidance documents and conference presentations, consistent with the open nature of PARSEC, can all be found in the PARSEC zenodo community). We are proud that many are in a number of languages reflective of our culturally diverse group.

We are most grateful for additional funding from IUGS and UNESCO to support the attendance of two early career scientists, Jesse Jo Rego and Alec Bayarsky, pictured here presenting at the workshop.