Honorary Associate Professor, TERN Ecosystem Research Analyst, The University of Queensland, Australia.

Team position : Cross-team member, Project coPI.

Background : Teaching and research academic for 30 years or so, specialising in ecosystem processes, long-term monitoring, collation and mapping of biodiversity data from diverse sources, innovation adoption for better conservation and land management, management and sharing of heterogeneous data, and how people interact and function in groups across trans-disciplinary/organisational/national boundaries. Been involved with creation and management of ecosystem observatories, various synthesis centres, and DataONE. 

Key disciplines and skillsets : Data management, Synthesis science, Facilitation of authentic learning, Biodiversity and ecosystem processes visualisation.

Expectations : I think this project has great potential to bridge several boundaries to achieve better science outcomes, through: (a) improving the integration between data and natural scientists to create convergent products, (b) creating effective working environments across national boundaries, and (c ) showing some neat products from the synthesis of a wide range of data across some novel disciplines.

Contact : a.specht (at) uq.edu.au