Co-design of conservation actions for sustainability

In the 21st century it is not sufficient to concentrate on biodiversity outcomes alone, the underlying theme of PARSEC. So members of the PARSEC team, together with the SRI Congress team, facilitated a lively conversation between two participants in our SRI2021 congress session, Cathy Robinson (Australia’s CSIRO) and Robyn James (The Nature Conservancy) and their colleagues, Oliver Costello (the Australian National Indigenous Fire Network) and Mazzella Maniwavie (The Nature Conservancy). Through examples from Papua New Guinea and Australia, the consensus was clearly that the sustainability of the biodiversity of animals and plants but also the human communities that interact with them will be vastly improved if modern conservation scientists and policy makers work with Indigenous communities to co-design conservation actions.

To see and hear the talk (43 minutes in all) click on the picture: