Data Strand meeting – 4 April 2019 – Philadelphia, USA

PARSEC is partnered with the Research Data Alliance who hosted an introductory meeting during Plenary 13 in Philadelphia. This was an open meeting including PARSEC team members and stakeholders from the Enabling FAIR Data project. Alison Specht, coordinating PI for PARSEC, and Shelley Stall, PARSEC Data Strand PI, presented the project goals and objectives with specific detail on the tasks of the Data Strand. A member of the Belmont Forum from the National Science Foundation, Judit Ungvári, was in attendance as were PARSEC partners DataCite, ORCID, Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) and World Data Systems (WDS).

Participants at our session included

Shelley Stall and Alison Specht

Alison Specht, University of Queensland, Australia; Shelley Stall, American Geophysical Union (convenors); Anne Cambon-Thomsen, Université Paul Sabatier / Toulouse III; Helena Cousijn, DataCite; Trish Cruse, DataCite; Robin Dasler, DataCite; Romain David, INRA – Centre de recherche de Montpellier; Madeleine De Smaele, TU Delft; Bob Downs, Columbia University; Rorie Edmunds, World Data SystemMartin Fenner, DataCite; Kristian Garza, DataCite; Laure Haak, ORCID; Denise Hills, Geological Survey of Alabama; Young-Joo Lee, Johns Hopkins; Laurence Mabile, Université Paul Sabatier / Toulouse IIIMargaret O’Brien, Marine Science Institute, UCSB; Erin Robinson, Earth Science Information Partners; Judit Ungvari, Belmont Forum; Michael Witt, Purdue University; Lesley Wyborn, Australian National University; Ho Jung Yoo, Research Data Curation Program, UC San Diego Library.