Head of mission on Big Earth Data and Artificial Intelligence for SDGs, French National Institute of Research for Sustainable Development (IRD), France

Team position : member, Synthesis Strand

Background : I am a geographer specializing in GEO-Technologies and in tropical environment monitoring and modelling. Currently I am a researcher at the Institute of Research for Development (IRD) inside the Espace-Dev Research Unit based in Montpellier. My research interest focusses on monitoring tropical land surface processes using data from Earth Observing satellites.

Key disciplines and skillsets : Geography and landscape ecology, remote sensing & image processing, sustainable science interdisciplinarity.

Expectation : Improve (a) our understanding of the Nexus – Protected Areas-Biodiversity Conservation-Climate Change Mitigation – Local Communities Development, and improve (b) our technical, scientific and international collaboration capacity to process big Earth Data to address complex socio-environpmental issues

Contact : laurent.durieux (at) ird.fr