Earth and Environmental vocabularies and ontologies today

... how are they managed? How are they used by scientists?

This session presented seven experts with a range of approaches to effectively using heterogeneous environmental and earth science terms.

After an introduction by Alison Specht on behalf of the organising team of Romain David, Margaret O’Brien, Shelley Stall and Lesley Wyborn), the speakers and their subjects were as follows:

  • Marie Angélique Laporte (Alliance of Biodiversity International and CIAT, Switzerland), Vocabularies: How to link them and what they are-ontology flavour.
  • Siddeswara Guru (TERN, Australia), Semantic challenges in Environmental and Earth vocabularies in Australia for an infrastructure serving a heterogeneous community.
  • Anne-Sophie Archambeau (IRD/UMS PatriNat/ GBIF France), The long history of DarwinCore.
  • Yvan le Bras (PNDB, MNHN, France), Vocabularies for a national biodiversity e-infrastructure.
  • Wim Hugo (SAEON, South Africa, now at the Dutch national centre of expertise and repository for research data, DANS), Challenges and Opportunities – Semantic Interoperability and Developing Countries.
  • Yann Le Franc (FAIRsFAIR), An overview of the FAIRsFAIR project and our work on FAIR Semantics.
  • Barbara Magagna (Environment Agency Austria), Interoperability via the application of the I-ADOPT Framework.
  • Shelley Stall (AGU), provided the session wrap-up highlighting key points from each speaker.

The session was attended by 61 people and engendered much interest. The recording is now available in the CODATA Vimeo channel and is also linked from the session page at The slides can be viewed on the PARSEC Community’s Zenodo page.

Laporte, Marie Angélique, Guru, Siddeswara, Archambeau, Anne-Sophie, Le Bras, Yvan, Hugo, Wim, Le Franc, Yann, Magagna, Barbara, David, Romain, O’Brien, Margaret, Specht, Alison, Stall, Shelley, & Wyborn, Lesley. (2021, October 21).