Computer engineer intern for the PARSEC project, July-August 2020, LIRMM (Laboratoire d’Informatique, de Robotique, et de Micro-Electronique de Montpellier), Foundation for Research on Biodiversity.

Team position: intern, synthesis strand

Background: I’ve just completed my master’s degree in mathematics and their interactions. I learnt about PDE’s, simulation, image processing and, deep learning. I’ve completed my internship for FRB on the PARSEC project

Key disciplines and skillsets: deep learning, image processing, computer science

Expectations: The aim of my participation in the project (across the 2 next months) is to write and publish an article which sums up the experimentation and results I produce during my internship at FRB/Cesab. So I would like to produce an article that will be helpful for the project.

Contact: robin.jarry@fondationbiodiversite.fr