PARSEC workshop 5

Workshop 5 Colorado, USA

25-29 April 2022

This was PARSEC’s fifth workshop of the project, and the second in which we had a face-to-face element. The meeting was kindly supported by the USGS John Wesley Powell synthesis center in Colorado, who provided the meeting space and much logistic support to make the meeting very successful.

We welcomed some folks from the USGS, the director of the JWP Center, Jill Baron, and Mark Wiltermuth, Mike Frame and Viv Hutchinson. They provided much insight, in particular for the USA team.

The meeting was very busy and the commitment and energy everyone brought to the meeting, either in person or remotely was fantastic. David Mouillot reported on progress in the east Africa case study which has greatly informed the applicability of the model, and each country team reported on their projects which we followed with group work. We are empowered by the efforts of the two postdocs (Ali and Jeaneth), the two USA early career scientists, Alec and Jesse Jo, the project and country leads, and just everyone, frankly!

One of the main outcomes of the workshop was the identification and classification of a suite of articles that we felt were achievable by the end of the project (nominally June 2023, although Japan finishes earlier, in March 2023).

Left to right back: Mark Wiltermuth (USGS), Jeffrey Evans (TNC, USA), Viv Hutchinson (USGS), Jean Pierre Ometto (INPE, Brazil), Mike Frame (USGS), Pedro Luiz Correa (USP, Brazil)
Front row: Shelley Stall (AGU), Alison Specht (UQ, Australia), Jesse Jo Rego (U. Nevada), Katia Ferraz (USP, Brazil), Jamie Trammell and Alec Bayarski (both Uni Southern Oregon, USA).
Absent: Jill Baron, John Welsey Powell, USGS and University of Colorado.
some of the attendees from around the world. These included Ali Ben Abbes (France), Laurence Mabile (France), Rodolphe Devillers (France), Yasuhisa Kondo (Japan), Yasuhira Murayama (Japan), Sheila Reddy (TNC, USA), Solange Santos (Brazil) Gérard Subsol (France), Satoko Suetsugu, Danton Vellenich (Brazil).