REDDY Sheila

Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives, Chief Strategy Office, The Nature Conservancy, USA.

Team position : Team member, Synthesis Strand.

Background : I help manage TNC’s portfolio of strategies around the world and lead new initiatives to better leverage science and technology for conservation management. Sheila has received social impact and scholarly awards for her work in the areas of behavioral and experimental agri-environmental innovation, coupled economic and ecological systems modeling, integrated conservation and development policy evaluation, and corporate sustainability.

Key disciplines and skillsets : Conservation strategy and management; Development and environmental economics; Ecosystem services and marine sciences

Expectations : The inability to easily monitor and evaluate the conservation impacts of human actions is a major hindrance, and risk, to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, Convention on Biological Diversity targets, and the Paris Climate Agreement. TNC, like other organizations and governments, has set targets for our contributions to these goals in terms of outcomes for biodiversity and human well-being. Our goal with this project is to  evaluate the impact of protected areas, including those that we have contributed to establishing, on human well-being and to develop replicable and scalable tools that can help make this type of evaluation part of the normal management operations of TNC, other civil society organizations, and government agencies.

Contact : sreddy (at)