REGO, Jesse Jo

Research assistant, PARSEC project, Southern Oregon University, USA.

Team position: member, synthesis strand.

Background: I will have completed my B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy at Southern Oregon University in June 2021 and I will be getting my M.S. in Hydrology at the University of Nevada, Reno afterwards. My research interests include water resources, water resource management in the Western U.S., as well as integrating economics with hydrologic data, and valuing natural resources.

Key Disciplines and Skillsets: Socioeconomics, data organisation, integrating economic data with GIS.

Expectations: I would like to gain more practice and experience working on a larger research project. I also hope to expand my knowledge of economics and social sciences in relation to natural resources and protected areas, as well as, working with a large group to produce a collaborative deliverable. Lastly, I would also like to become more knowledgeable on data management, analysis, and visualization as a result of working on PARSEC.

Contact : regoj (at)